Under 17’s Netball


Coach: Maggie Quinlan

Coach: Celeste Shaw



Thursday 5.30pm – 6.30pm


Female (males) 8 yrs of age to 17 years of age as at the first day of competition



Game Starts 11.30am:-   4 x 10 min quarters: 2 min quarter breaks: 3 min half time break


Junior Netball Dresses

Remain the property of the Beaufort Football Netball Club. (Unless you have paid for the dress).

These must be handed back at the end of the season or you will receive an invoice for the cost of replacement.

Approx $50.00


Netball Socks & Briefs

Beaufort Crows netball socks & briefs can be purchased through the club. If you don’t have the Crows socks plain white socks must be worn.


It is a recommendation from the Board of Directors that all players & officials wear club apparel on game day.


Player or Club Official Registration

All players and club officials for football must be registered with the Central Highlands Football League.

Register Here via VNA

All players and club officials for netball must be registered with either the Central Highlands Central Highlands Netball League.

Register Here. The Central Highlands Netball League for player registration and the link to pay your VNA.

All Players Must be Registered by 30th of April

Memberships 2022

General Membership $60.00

Family Membership $300.00

Junior Netball Membership $40.00 + VNA

Gold Membership $250.00 

To purchase a membership Here. Choose the membership you wish to purchase and pay for it all in the one location.

Team Updates

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